Why our wash is better

High quality name-brand waxes and soaps

Our wash’s soaps and chemicals are of the highest quality for a great wash. We use Armor All wax. This shine wax uses a revolutionary formula that gives your car a high-quality long-lasting protectant and shine. Plus, Rain-X windshield water repellant, which dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility. And, of course, everybody’s favorite rainbow soap. This soap produces a creamy foam that you can see. It provides a coating of weather protection and road salt insulation while producing a very bright, high-luster finish. Your car’s delicate finish is too important to trust to household products like some dish soaps, which may contain harsh surfactants that can strip your vehicle’s wax protection. As the most trusted name in car care, Armor All formulated their Car Wash soap especially for your vehicle’s finish, so it’s powerful enough to lift away the toughest dirt and road grime, yet gentle enough that it won’t strip wax.
High quality name-brand waxes and soaps
  • Powerful cleaners lift away dirt and road grime

  • Clean-rinsing formula for spot-free, streak-free results

  • Won’t strip wax, like some dish soaps

  • Safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats

We hand spray your tires, rims and wheel wells

Hands-on Clean

Our hands-on clean approach is different than all of your other local automated car washes. Our staff hand sprays tires, rims and wheel wells on our top washes to make sure the grime and road debris is off your car. We also will spot check and soap brush your front grill or back bumper for bug remnants.

Commercial Vacuums are always free for our car wash customers

We have 10 commercial vacuum stalls and garbage cans to get even the inside of your car sparkling clean. These vacuums are open whenever the car wash is open and free to use for any car wash customers.
Free towel dry services

Free towel dry services

Brittain’s car wash now offers optional towel dry services for all cars visiting our car wash. This is a no-cost service provided by a third party vendor that works for tips. The tip jar is located on the towel cart at the exit of the car wash. Go spot free today with our optional towel dry services.
Download the Washify App for Brittain's Car Wash

There is an app for that!

Download the Washify app from either the Apple Store or Google Play for easy pay options. You can load gift cards, pay for individual washes, sign up for the Brittain’s Clean Car Club Unlimited Washes, or even gift car washes to other people. Click here to download the Washify app now. There may even be a free wash in it for you!

Brittain's Clean Car Club

Brittain's Clean Car Club - Unlimited Monthly Washes

This is the best deal around. For $23 a month you get unlimited Supreme washes. This is our best wash, and truly a great deal. Click Here to join the Brittain’s Clean Car Club.

Why should you visit Brittain’s Car wash today?

Tree pollen and other contaminants are bad for your car

Tree pollen and other contaminants

Don’t wait to wash if you see bird droppings, dead bugs, or other obvious contaminants on the paint surface. Bird droppings and tree pollen have a high acidity that if left on the paint for any length of time, can eat into the clear coat. If they reach deep enough, these scars can only be removed by sanding and repainting. Wash after a period of rainy weather. The acidic chemicals in rainwater will remain on the surface after the rain drops have evaporated, leaving a mark that can permanently stain the paint.
Road Salt is bad for cars

Road Salt

Don’t let road salt wreck havoc on the outside of your vehicle. Road salt causes the development of rust and can do permanent damage to your car’s finish.

Washing your car at home is not safe for our environment

Up to 140 gallons of untreated water seep into our waterways and our drinking water supply, as well as creating ecological dead zones. Wash-water must be properly disposed of. Brittain’s ecologically disposes of our car wash water so as not to pollute our local water ways.
Car Wash Packages

Brittain's Car Wash is economically sound, costing as little as $5 per car wash.

Our car wash is more thorough than the average hand wash, and it takes less time than getting out the sponges and the hose and doing it yourself.
The benefits to the environment for using a car wash are compelling. Click here to learn more about our eco-friendly wash. 

We Have Fleet discounts

Welcome Trucks!

We can accommodate trucks up to 7’4” tall in our wash tunnel. Remember, we cannot use the back wraps on any truck with a hitch, so remove any hitch and ball before going through the wash. Our fleet service program gives bulk discounts for truck fleets. Call 847-931-0135 to talk to Mike Warren about becoming a fleet car wash member today.
Sandy S.
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Knowledgeable Helpful staff that CARES about their job and the quality of their work. They watch for loose items and magnets. Great place to go where your car actually comes out CLEAN!
Emma H.
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Great car wash! Friendly service. Great place the get a car wash. They treat you like family :)
Santos S.
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Awesome service and friendly hardworking people, monthly payment plan for unlimited car washes is out of this world. Brittan's Car Wash is always my #1 choice.
Juan S.
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Simplemente el mejor lugar para lavar tu auto.
George R.
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Just had my car washed. Excellent service. Excellent quality. And affordable. My choice is the “Supreme Express.” I’ll be back!
Sam L.
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They are professional , courteous , helpful and always give you a smile when you go there for a carwash . The best part Is the price of a special unlimited carwash for the whole month.
Lucy L.
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Nice wash and friendly attendents Priced just right for a quick wash.